serie OLIMPO

Arches serie OLIMPO

The Olimpo arch lining Moulded in the work, is made by segments or parts front inner self, all numbered for easy installation. In the case of internal order, serve the mold for easy mounting.

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Columns serie OLIMPO

When we talk about the series Olimpo, we are talking about tiling or lining. Referring to the columns intend to respond to those works in which they exist and concrete pillars which have to be placated with artificial stone for a perfect finish also allow a perfect combination with decorative balustrades or other prefabricated elements. Standardized items have only to know the section, the height and the number of faces of the column to line the mold adapted to manufacture a production mediated. The articles in this series are characterized by being able to combine with standard products (pillar linings, ceiling, window sills, moldings etc.). With special parts.

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